Our Story

Created and formed by founder and co-founder Chevan Baker and Terrell Clark, 1Place4Tech was started in 2016. The company operates with one mission in mind, creation. Connected by a childhood friendship that has lasted for over 18 years, both Chevan and Terrell previously have worked as a team and ultimately decided to bring their expertise together to startup 1Place4Tech. With their extensive tech backgrounds, they utilized their expertise to put together a team to help accomplish this goal while armed with the idea of being a socially conscious company that prides itself in doing right by the people it comes in contact with.

1Place4Tech offers web design and development services to various clients. Alongside developing websites for clients, 1Place4Tech develops in-house mobile applications and brands that curate content.

Our Mission

We are a company that is unafraid to champion new, innovate, and unique ideas. Just as our competition, our team possesses the know-how to help breath life into ideas and make them a reality, but we pride ourself on the educational aspect of the design process. This includes giving providing upfront transparency and offering our clients realistic and true insight on challenges and matters. At 1Place4Tech we believe in explaining things in laymen terms so that you can follow and understand how we implement the ‘tech’ so that your idea takes flight in the digital space.

What Makes Us Different

We champion and love challenges as that helps the team increase their depth of knowledge. Our affordable pricing allows us to present the most affordable solutions to customers as we are able to continue and develop and grow our foothold in the web design space. When choosing us, we choose to give a personable touch to all of our clients because business proves to be stronger when the professional relationship is there to support it. Lastly, our end goal is to continue to do what we love, and that is to continue having fun with what we do for our clients.

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